Agile Corporate Training with game learning to improve retention and transform the workplace!

Workplace game learning for sustainable Agility…

An effective and high performance business requires commitment and consistency from its leaders. In my many years of training and coaching organizations I have seen businesses baptized as Agile; yet fail to succeed.

An agile transition is a gradual process, making smaller changes and achieving milestones along the way. If your company has committed to making the Agile journey, we will support, advise in teaching these concepts.

Our Mission…

To help you make lasting change in your organization through corporate game learning, and thereby changing the work life of many.

What we do…

We develop serious games, and use Game learning as a technique to teach agile skills. Agile Games that are designed as training tools for businesses help players to make a connection between learning experiences and their actual work, by allowing them to choose actions and experience the consequences of those actions without it having any real-world impact. It is through this experimentation that players can learn which thought-processes, which behaviors and which strategies help them to achieve their desired outcome.

Game as a Service (GaaS)

Gelling is our brand of serious agile games designed to transform business culture and licensed on a subscription basis. Gelling reinforces desired skills and behaviors with every session, so that they become habitual in your workplace.

Custom Games

We design tailor-made serious agile games projects to act on your company’s learning challenges.

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