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Answer to Anonymous...

Answer to Anonymous on Is This Even Scrum Anymore?  


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25/04/2017 4:58 pm  

Dear Anonymous, 

Thanks for your question! It's definitely a fairly common issue. We've answered below and through Instagram. Please Follow Us on Instagram at agile_literacy

Question: I'm on a development team in which we seem to be running into what I believe is a major problem. Our backlog is taking way too many man hours. We've moved on to the next iteration before we are allowed to complete the current one. I'm being told not to worry. However, I don't think this is Scrum. Should I let this go? 

Answer: Iterations or sprints starting when work is not completed in the previous sprint is normal. Sprints are time boxed to one to four weeks. What does not sound right is the team not completing work within the sprint. The team should not take on more than their current velocity. Perhaps recommending the team take on less for the next sprint to see if they are able to complete it all.

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