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We’re excited to share with you the original “Dear Agile” series.  This series was created for you to ask and get advice on real world agile scenarios.

We’ve tagged our posts, and social media with “DearAgile” for your convenience. Now, we want you to feel at ease and know there is no such thing as a dumb question. We are here to give you advice and not judge how well you are doing Scrum.  All questions will be answered within 24 hours.Questions we find can help others will be selected, and  we will produce a video answer which will be posted in Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

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Answer to Anonymous...

Answer to Anonymous on the Issues of Micro Management & The Daily Standup and Unmotivated Team Members  


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09/06/2017 3:17 pm  

Dear Anonymous, 

Thank you both for your questions. Here's our answer!

Question:While working on our past project we had some stakeholders that were always asking the silliest questions. It almost felt like we were being micromanaged all the time. How can I, or we, handle that differently going forward

Answer: I am assuming this was at a review ceremony. If so, set expectations early on. Let the stakeholders know what the purpose of the meeting is and what is expected of them. Keep the review moving, if someone asks something outside of what is being reviewed, stop them, reiterate the purpose of the meeting and let them know you can take it offline.

Question: I read your previous response to the Daily Stand Up in regards to exceeding the time frame. I too have had that problem but to add to it I have individuals that just aren't motivated to attend the meeting or arrive late. What can I do to make them attend and be on time? 

Answer: Your team norms should outline what to do when someone arrives late, follow through. If it does not already include something to address this, bring it up in the retrospective, then add it to the norms.  When it happens again, hold your team member accountable.

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