Improve your Business Efficiency TODAY with an Agile Transition or an Agile Transformation!

Improve your Business Efficiency TODAY with an Agile Transition or an Agile Transformation!

An effective and high performance business requires commitment and consistency from its leaders. In my many years of training and coaching organizations I have seen businesses baptized as Agile; yet fail to succeed. This is because they are missing what we offer – the support and expertise to change corporate culture for the better using tried and tested traditional training methods, and our unique e-learning platform, Gelling. You can improve your business efficiency today by embracing Agile, and we are excited to be able to guide and support you every step of the way.

As Agile coaches we are totally impartial, allowing us to assess your team or entire organization with fresh eyes and identify what attitudes, practices and communication barriers are stopping you from achieving true effectiveness. We support personal and group development by facilitating improvement in a Socratic way, helping both the team and individuals make good decisions and find the path to agility themselves.

We are also able to empower teams through gamification, using our own interactive training platform; Gelling. Gamification is fast becoming the go-to resource for businesses who wish to transform their business culture. Game-based play is the oldest and most naturally engaging way of learning, and Gelling reinforces desired skills and behaviors with every session, so that they become habitual in your teams.

Although originally designed with distributive teams in mind, Gelling can help teams to form correctly, bond effectively and plan, communicate, execute and deliver in any given arrangement.

Our challenge lies in the fact that we cannot do this alone. We understand that change can be difficult for any member of the team and as such we need the open-mindedness and unconditional support of all members to embrace the changes for improvement. You also need to ask yourself what are you trying to solve in adopting Agile or Scrum? We are here to help you reach your goals, but first you need to understand what they are as this will affect whether your business needs an Agile Transition or an Agile Transformation!

The difference between the two comes down to the speed with which you want or need the changes to happen. An agile transition is a gradual process, making smaller changes and achieving milestones along the way. In comparison a transformation is much faster and more dramatic. However, sudden changes are sometimes too impulsive, for example jumping into Scrum instead of Kanban without understanding the difference between the two. Identifying which Agile philosophy is right for your organization is crucial, and I have seen many situations where choosing the wrong one has led to failure. However, when chosen and implemented correctly, both Agile transitions and Agile transformations can dramatically improve your company, its’ people, culture and results.

If you have the passion and commitment to making the Agile journey, we will support, advise and mentor your team every step of the way. Whether through training, game-based e-learning techniques, or a combination of the two, we will help your business transition to a new and improved culture that yields increased productivity, inspires cooperation and embraces change. Get your business Agile today and prepare to be amazed by the difference!


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