Is Your Chosen Career Path At Odds With The Direction Of Your Organization? Looking To Move Into An Agile Career?

Do You Know What To Do?

agile_hammer-233x300Like many of you I have had to make changes in my career. In my blog I describe my first experience with Agile as “my first time not a charm”. Believe me when I tell you I know how it feels to have the rug pulled under you. But that has not stopped me from moving forward. I realize now that the best thing that could have happened to me was being forced to move to the “flavor of the month”!

Are you a PM feeling the flavor of the month is Agile?

I certainly was. Our organization had tried so many very many different approaches; there was CMMI, Prince2, and Scrum! I remember thinking what the hell…what can be next and who has the time to be thinking up what the next flavor will be? When will I be allowed to do my job? This frustrated me but as I searched for answers I was sold on what teams could do if we applied the human factor. I was so taken by that, I decided to take my career in my own hands. As crazy as that sounds this is true. If you have read my blog you know the organization had another surprise for us: LAY OFFs! I took matters into my own hands and took a leap of faith. I learned all I could about Scrum, experimented with my teams to see what worked and what didn’t. I got certified at my own expense as a PMP and a CSM. When I felt I was ready I took the first Scrum Master job I could get! Many years later I now have my own business training and coaching organizations and individuals on how to make an Agile transition. So, my advice to you is embrace the change! Get Certified.

Are you looking for a way to grow your career but don’t know how?

Whether you are a Project Manager or not consider your options and try building on what you have. You may be a tester looking to move your career closer to a management path but not necessarily be in Quality Assurance. Or you may simply want to keep your options open. This course will teach you all about the roles and responsibilities in an Agile organization.

With technology placing at our hands what we want faster than ever, businesses need to move faster to maintain a competitive edge. In this course you will learn how to optimize your team’s performance, and collaboration techniques to align business strategy with technology to give your organization that competitive advantage.

Make yourself more marketable?

Consider getting certified as an Agile Professional. You will learn not just the terms but get a full understanding of its roots. Becoming certified is your first step in launching your Agile career. You will learn collaboration techniques you can start applying immediately. You will learn how to estimate your work and help your team through planning. You will know what are the necessary elements to perform continuous integration and how to minimize the cost of rework.

Don’t just do this because your organization has an Agile mandate?

Do this for yourself not because your organization has a mandate. Do this because you want to grow and set a career path that will be rewarding. Do it to lead the way in your organization. Don’t wait for the mandate. I promise you this training you will be able to use day one. Our exercises will help you put into practice what you learn. You will feel part of the agile movement and become the go to person in your organization.

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