We Plant the Agile Seed and Help Your Teams Grow to Reach Their Maximum Velocity !




We plant the Agile seed and help your teams grow to reach their maximum velocity

Whether it is an Agile Transition or an Agile Transformation that is right for your organization, we are here to support the growth of your IMG_20150714_101119657BWAgile teams. You may already be aware that we use the term “velocity” to describe the speed at which a team works, which is ultimately equivalent to their performance and efficiency. Using a combination of traditional coaching techniques and game-based e-learning via our unique, interactive platform, Gelling, we guide your technology project teams to find improved strategies to increase their performance, enabling them to deliver high quality projects quicker and smoother than ever before.


Agile Coaches

If you are wondering why you need an Agile Coach and what benefit we can bring to your organization, check out the book “Becoming Agile” by Ahmed Sidky and Greg Smith. In the meantime, let us break it down for you. In a nutshell, you need a coach to help you identify and understand the processes in your organization that aren’t working, and what opportunities you have to become more Agile. We can do this because we approach each team with fresh and unbiased eyes, and are not bound by ingrained habits and strategies that are so hard to see beyond and break. We also understand the latest and most effective learning techniques, including gamification.

Learning through play is the most natural form of education. It allows the student to test their skill and knowledge in a ‘safe’ environment, where there are no major repercussions for mistakes. This gives learners the confidence to think outside the box and take risks to find the most effective methods and practises. Gamification also reinforces skills and behaviors so that they become second nature, reshaping your organization’s culture from the inside, out.

Most importantly, to successfully implement Agile and reap the benefits that it can bring your business or organization, you need a coach to train your teams on Agile principles and practices.

We facilitate improvements by guiding rather than telling, and your teams will learn for themselves how to become Agile and deliver results. We are masters of transformation, with years of experience in creating software development teams who are focused on quality and efficiency.

Your Agile Coach will observe your team, attending meetings to determine what attitudes, practices and communication barriers are impeding them. This will allow us to advise you which coaching and training techniques will aid your transition to a new and improved culture that delivers outstanding results every time.

We treat your technology project as our own, and are committed to help you successfully deliver your project by:

~ Toughening the mentality of your Agile Team, preparing them for the changes ahead

~ Setting your technology team up for success

~ Giving your teams the tools and techniques that they need to give them a competitive edge!


We have helped lead even the most lost and confused organizations to success, and have turned around many failing projects. I was once called to coach an organization that; despite implementing Scrum and using it for more than a year; had been unable to deliver a critical project. As I spoke to each team member I realised that this was another Scrum delivery where a team had been essentially abandoned and left to flounder. I quickly understood why they had been unable to fulfil the project. Many organizations jump straight into using Agile without any coaching or proper implementation. They expect their teams to be able to change and adapt to the new strategies without any support, yet not using a coach is one of the key reasons that the use of Agile within an organization may fail. 

Why receive the help of just one expert when you can receive the knowledge and skill of an entire group of them? Whether you are receiving traditional training or e-learning techniques, our coaches have a support network which helps them to help you. This extensive web of experience and guidance ensures that your team gets the very best Agile training from the very best coaches for your Agile journey. Our testimonials speak for themselves; businesses that value Agile coaching achieve results. 

“Scrum is easy to understand; difficult to execute”

Ken Schweber

At Agile Literacy, it is our mission to grow focused; quality-minded and committed individuals that work in harmony together to create a successful team. If those are the qualities that you are looking for in your organization, and if want to achieve twice the work in half the time then let us be your secret weapon. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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