Corporate Agile Training

Gelling is the corporate agile training platform that generates engagement in your employees!
Gelling is Agile Literacy’s unique approach to teaching agile concepts. Our platform uses a unique approach to teaching agile concepts, and skills individuals’ need to work as a team. It uses agile game based learning and story learning techniques to help teams bond, and form correctly.  This online agile training is ideal as part of your Learning Management System (LMS) or use our platform.  Our agile corporate training game learning solutions is ideal for agile transformations.

Gelling is designed to help individuals and organizations make a successful transition to a new and improved culture that increases productivity, inspires cooperation and embraces change.  Designed to accelerate Agile Transformations!

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Why agile corporate training game learning?

Cost effective
Improves retention
Continuous reinforcement of skills
Increases leadership
Improves decision-making
Optimizes time
Improves collaboration
Improves communication
Ideal for distributed teams

Gelling The Game-based learning Platform for corporate training:

Provides the environment to make mistakes as the learner learns.  Increase the effectiveness of your Agile training and reduce the cost of your Agile transformation.

Annual subscription.
Universal access: Only an Internet connection is required.
Web Service
Use our platform or your own servers.
Multi-device: PCs, tablets, smartphones…

Serious Game On Teamwork

The Akeakami Quest is a multiplayer learning that unlocks the potential of your team. It places the learner in a tribe (Akeakami) struggling to survive. Each learner must do their best to help each other solve the puzzle and restore the island’s (Pumaka)  environment.

Combined with Agile practices, the game can improve the focus, commitment and motivation of your team. It encourages and develops open communication and problem-solving skills, builds trust and respect, and helps teams to achieve a level of quality that they may not have been able to reach alone.

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