Performance Reviews!

[caption id="attachment_22093" align="alignleft" width="248"]PerformanceReviews Courtesy of brighthub.com[/caption]   Last week was all about performance reviews.  So how does an Agile organization handle individual Performance Reviews, when agile stresses team work?  It has been a great experience to work with an organization that is so committed to Agile, that Performance reviews were  adjusted to include scrum master and team feed back. The resource manager carefully crafted a capability skills matrix that includes how proficient an individual is in agile skills and their interest in working on agile assignments.  This information feeds project assignment. Individuals with the highest interest and skills are identified and placed in teams.  From the get go, it makes the Agile transition at a team level easier, as resistance is weeded out of the teams.  This is then coupled with assessments that encompass team dynamics.  This assessment is performed every three months and are completed by the scrum master and team.  The team assesses their level of agility and also gets to evaluate the scrum master's level of agility. These assessments get included in the individuals performance.  Of course this opens up questions about raises.  But raises can still be done at an individual level. It is the input of the review which I find critical. That input must come from the scrum master and the team. The assessment identifies where an individual will need to improve, as per their team and scrum master. The skills matrix is a self assessment of where they think they are. Both of these are used by the resource manager to help the individual grow.  The assessment becomes the start of a dialogue between the resource manager and the individual. The resource manager helps the individual come up with a path to reach their goals. Performance is reviewed on how well they meet their goals and interests. So how does your organization perform reviews? What are some things considered?  As always, share your thoughts with us.  

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